City Hall Watch – February Toronto and East York Community Council

The Toronto and East York community council meets again on February 18th at city hall. The community council is responsible for making decisions on neighbourhood matters such as traffic, parking, and planning regulations. This feature aims to let you know what items are on the community council agenda that relate to Ward 30 so you can get involved if you so choose. We will try to keep this page updated if more items are added to the agenda. If you are interested in knowing what was discussed at community council last month see our January post.

One item of note being discussed is TE4.44 which is a proposal to close the sidewalk and bicycle lane on the north side of Dundas near Carlaw for the remainder of 2015 to allow Streetcar developments to construct a condo.

Item Summary
TE4.12 Request for Direction Report – 309 Cherry Street – Zoning Amendment Application
TE4.32 Assumption of Services, Don Mount Court Subdivision – Registered Plan 66M-2441
TE4.44 Construction Staging Area – 1220 Dundas Street East

40 km/h Speed Limit – Harriet Street
TE4.51 Removal of On-Street Accessible Parking Space – February 2015 (Non-Delegated)
TE4.60 Traffic Calming – Alton Avenue
TE4.68 Installation/Removal of On-Street Accessible Parking Spaces – February 2015 (Delegated)

If you have any questions about any of these items contact our Ward 30 Councilor Paula Fletcher. You can also submit comments for any agenda item by pressing the “submit comments” button,