Lower Don Trail to be Pilot Project for city Wayfinding Project

The Don Trail

The Don Trail

Wayfinding involves everything related to how people orient themselves in a space and navigate from place to place. Signs and maps are the obvious aids to wayfinding, but it can be more than that, for example a landmark such as the CN Tower helps many people orient themselves.

The city is performing a study for Toronto’s park’s and trails, with the goal of producing a consistent, accessible and easy to understand system for wayfinding in Toronto’s Parks and trails.

The Lower Don Trail will be the pilot project for these new guidelines. If you aren’t familiar with the trail, right now wayfinding can be a bit of a challenge. Currently it is not obvious where you can enter and exit the trail and it’s common to find confused people examining maps on their smartphones. The pilot implementation of this wayfinding strategy is planned to be completed by next summer before the Pan-Am Games.

There is still time for you to provide input! The public is invited to share any input with
Janette Harvey
Tel: 416-392-1339
Email: parkwayfinding@toronto.ca