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Birth Fire

Upcoming: Birth Fire at Withrow Park

On May 9th, at 7pm in Withrow Park is Birth Fire Birth is a powerful event in our lives. Sometimes it is magnificent, ecstatic and beautiful, but sometimes it doesn’t…

10 Minutes Away

Ten Minutes Away by Car, Foot, or Transit

This Isoscope mapping tool has been making the rounds on social media today. We wondered how far you can travel from Riverdale by car, and by foot. We arbitrarily chose…

Riverdale Houses

The Changing Faces of Riverdale Homes

It’s no secret that this neighbourhood has seen a lot of changes over the past 100 years. One thing that remains constant though, is that homeowners in our neighbourhood take…

Sun setting on the Danforth

More Spring Snapshots

Some photos from the past couple weeks on the Danforth, Riverdale, Leslieville and Riverside

Newspaper boxes on Queen Street East

Local News Roundup

Here are the news stories we noticed from the past week that affect Riverside, Leslieville, Riverdale and the Danforth. A brief history of the Danforth Music Hall (BlogTO) Comic blogger…

TTC Streetcar on Queen Street

Upcoming TTC Construction

Construction season is approaching, and there are two big TTC Streetcar projects coming up on Queen St. East that could make it a bit harder to get around. Queen and…

In Front of Regal Hardware

The Neighbourhood as Seen Through the Lens of Degrassi Junior High

The Degrassi television franchise takes it’s name from the leafy residential De Grassi Street in South Riverdale/Riverside. Degrassi Junior High, which aired between 1987 and 1989, is the second series…

Newspaper boxes on Broadview Ave

Local News Roundup: Good Friday Edition

Local news from Riverdale, the Danforth, Leslieville and Riverside for the past week. No tears as Don Jail addition torn down: Hume (Toronto Star) Toronto should rally to save Red…

Jane's Walk Logo

Upcoming: Jane’s Walk

On May 2, 3 and 4th volunteers have organized Jane’s Walks all across the city. There are some great local walks planned. This sounds like a great way to spend…

Pape Avenue, South of Bain in 1917. Source: Toronto Archives