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Riverdale - East of the Don book cover

Thursday – 6:30 pm Elizabeth Muir Discusses her Riverdale book

On Thursday November 20th, author Elizabeth Muir is discussing her new book Riverdale: East of the Don at the Jones avenue library branch (at Jones and Dundas). The event runs…

Broadview and Gerrard, 1914. Source: City of Toronto Archives

Now and Then: Broadview and Gerrard

The intersection of Gerrard Street East and Broadview Avenue is a busy one. Three streetcar routes pass by this corner which has a public library, a beautiful old bank, and…

Don River north of Queen Street, 1979

Now and Then: Don River at Queen Street

The Don River is a defining part of our neighbourhoods and our history. It separates the east end from the rest of the city, and was an obstacle for the…

Broadview Hotel, 1982, Source: City of Toronto Archives

Now and Then – Broadview Hotel (Jilly’s)

Built in 1893 the Broadview Hotel, also known as the home of Jilly’s, is a Riverside landmark. The future of this building is often speculated about as the neighbourhood continues…

In Front of Regal Hardware

The Neighbourhood as Seen Through the Lens of Degrassi Junior High

The Degrassi television franchise takes it’s name from the leafy residential De Grassi Street in South Riverdale/Riverside. Degrassi Junior High, which aired between 1987 and 1989, is the second series…

Pape Avenue, South of Bain in 1917. Source: Toronto Archives
Gerrard St, and Carlaw Ave, 1930
Don Jail Demolition

Photos of the Don Jail Demolition

The infamous Don Jail was opened in 1864, and is a beautiful building designed by architect William Thomas, the same architect who designed St. Michael’s Cathedral. When it opened it…

Map of Riverside in 1884 when it joined the city of Toronto

The Start of Riverdale

In the 1850s the Grand Trunk Railway was built, connecting Sarnia to Montreal, through the area where Riverdale now sits.┬áThe railway brought industry and population growth to the rural area…